Privacy Policy

Sibanye Office Solutions (Pty) Ltd are committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy explains how Sibanye Office Solutions stationers collect customer information, how they use it and what your access rights to the data are.

Our licensees ensure that your privacy is protected when browsing their website.
When you register on our website, we need to know your name, at least one of your delivery addresses, your email address and a contact number. These are used to verify your identity, and to enable us to deliver any orders you may place with us.

Your password
Once you have registered, your personal details can only be accessed by way of a password. We suggest that you keep this password private to ensure that no one else can gain access to this information. Password protection remains your responsibility at all times.

Customer assistance
If the need arises to contact Sibanye Office Solutions, you might be asked certain questions that will enable them to verify you or your company’s identity. These measures are in place to help prevent possible fraudulent activity on your account.

Once you’ve chosen to subscribe to our promotions at registration, we’ll be sending you the current promotions or special offerings we might have from time to time.

A cookie is a small piece of information stored by your browser (for instance, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) on your computer. The only information stored in the cookie is your email address. This is to identify returning customers and to speed-up the login process for the Website. You can choose not to set the cookie by deselecting the “remember me” check box. Do not disable cookies in the browser settings. If disabled you won’t be able to register and ultimately checkout.

Changes to these terms and conditions

    1. The Company may, in its sole discretion, change the Terms and Conditions or any part thereof at any time and notice of such change in the Terms and Conditions will be provided to you, either via email and/or displayed on the Website. Any such change will only apply to your use of this Website from a date after the change is displayed on the Website or emailed to you. If you use the Website after such updated or amended Terms and Conditions have been sent to you or displayed on the Website, you will be deemed to have accepted such updates or amendments.

Terms and conditions of sale

    1. Registered users may place orders for Goods as long as the Goods are available and have not been sold out.
    2. An agreement of sale between you and the Company will come into effect upon completion of an online order summary on the Website, payment or payment authorisation being received by the Company to the satisfaction of the Company and by delivery of the Goods to you.
    3. You acknowledge that stock of all Goods on offer is limited. When Goods are no longer available the Company will notify you and you will be entitled to a refund of the amount paid by you for such Goods. Whilst the Company will take all reasonable efforts to monitor stock levels, we cannot guarantee the availability of stock and we will only be liable for delivery of the Goods when the Goods are available. Should the Goods no longer be available, you shall be entitled to either be credited or refunded for any payments already made by you and we will in no instance be liable for any interest or bank charges.

Sibanye Office Solutions Team